What are the pros of Expat Health Insurance?

The advantages when purchasing Expat health insurance

Expat Health Insurance policy is for foreigners and provides more coverage than standard health insurance. The insurance premium is quite high in some insurance companies, but the coverage is valuable. I would like to list the benefits that you will receive if you purchase Expat Health Insurance as follows:

Hospitalization expenses

Normally, it will cover all sickness, disease and bodily injury of the insured that are not

excluded in the policy wording. The medical expenses and other covered expenses include both OPD and IPD at the actual amounts and cannot be higher than limits stated in the policy schedule. Regardless of whether you admit or receive medical treatment services such as body checks. If you acquire Expat Health Insurance, the insurance company will cover any hospital expenses.

Service from professional physicians

If you purchase Expat Health Insurance, you will receive treatment from expert physicians, which will lead to an increase in the high quality of the final results and in the treatment expenditures, for which the insurance company will be responsible. If you do not have Expat Health Insurance, you will have to spend more money to acquire services if you suffer a critical illness that requires the services of a specific field of physicians.

Get service in private hospitals

It is not necessary to spend extra time to obtain medical treatment services from public hospitals in Thailand since they are overcrowded and a waste of time. If you purchase Expat health insurance, you will be able to receive treatment at private hospitals in a quick and high-quality method. It makes you feel more comfortable and convenient in the hospital room. The medical equipment is advanced and modern to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment.

Room and board coverage

If you purchase Expat Health Insurance, the insurance company will pay you for your room and board expenses. However, it will only cover the ordinary room. If you desire a different type of room, such as a VVIP room, the insurer will only cover the first portion of the cost, leaving you to pay the remainder.

The COVID-19 treatment cost

Thailand is now suffering a COVID-19 pandemic. The number of new COVID-19 patients infected is continuously increasing. Unfortunately, if you are infected with COVID-19, you must go to the hospital or be quarantined at a hospitel. However, if you have Expat Health insurance, there is no expenditure charge for you because the insurance company will cover and pay for any COVID-19 treatment-related expenses.

These are the top five advantages to having Expat health insurance. If you want to reside in Thailand for an extended period of time or after retiring, it is highly recommended that you get Rabbit Care Expat health insurance to prevent worrying about medical expenses if you become ill or suffer from bodily injuries. Rabbit Care insurance offers a variety of insurance companies from which to purchase and compare coverage. If you’re interested, you can find more information at https://rabbitcare.com/en/expat-insurance.

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