Tubes / Valves For Guitar Amplifiers: List Associated with Throughout the world Brands Plus Companies

This article offers a listing of the globally brands and manufacturers of tubes / valves used in guitar amplifiers. Given that the terms tube and valve are synonyms for the exact same system, tube most utilised in the United States and valve in Fantastic Britain, I will use tube in the write-up.

1st of all, some clarifies are necessary in buy to realize the true scenario of this area of interest world. There are several makes in the marketplace and companies in the entire world. As a consequence of many “purchase and sell” operations produced in the previous a long time, right now some factories generate tubes types labeled with various makes, and you can purchase the identical unit with a different title or brand name in accordance to which part of the world you live. The most basic way to strategy the market place is figuring out the various tubes models by manufacturer, and this post is a listing of tubes makes with particulars about the companies that make them.

Another clarify is necessary about Svetlana, a typical woman title in Russia that creates confusion since it was utilized in the past for competing products that produced lawful steps. Actually in the market place there are two various series of tubes that are usually baffled when named as Svetlana only, but can be identifiable in this way:

Svetlana “S” emblem – Saratov, Russia
SED / Svetlana “Winged C” symbol – St. Petersburg, Russia

Afterwards you will recognize how to acknowledge them.

The last clarify is about the brands owned by New Sensor Company, an American business: they personal the makes Sovtek and Electro-Harmonix furthermore the rights on Svetlana “S” logo one particular for the United states and Canada. Furthermore, they produce and sell even Mullard New Manufacturing and Tung-Sol New Generation tubes.

And now, the listing:

JJ Digital – Slovak Republic

They commenced production of vacuum tubes in 1994, and these days they have an assortment of much more than 20 versions. Formerly recognized as Tesla, JJ Electronic tubes are manufactured on some of the original European equipment that was utilised in the heyday. They generate also tube amplifiers and electrolytic and polypropylene capacitors.

On their site is achievable to download some complex informations, like tubes info-sheets.

Sovtek – Russia

Sovtek originally was a Russian manufacturing facility and brand name, but presently it is an American owned manufacturer of New Sensor Corporation.

Sovtek tubes are made by Reflector Co. manufacturing unit in Saratov, Russia, with each other with Tung-Sol New Production, Electro-Harmonix, Mullard New Production and Svetlana “S” emblem ones.

These tubes are dispersed between the others by TubeDepot that on its internet site states: these tubes are used by far more manufacturers than any other tube manufactured.

Some of the businesses who believe in Sovtek tubes are:

• Marshall
• Peavey
• Crate
• Mesa Boogie
• Atma-Sphere
• Ampeg
• Soldano
• Hartke
• Bogner
• Audio Notice
• Cary
• Well balanced Audio Engineering
• Behringer
• Dynaco
• Matchless
• Orange
• Aguilar
• Audio Research
• Rogue Audio
• Convergent
• Manley Labs
• Carvin
• Demeter
• Wellborne

Svetlana “S” symbol – Saratov, Russia

New Sensor Corporation has the exclusive appropriate to use the name Svetlana for the United states and Canada marketplaces only.

They use it for this assortment of tubes that can be recognized uniquely by the “S” emblem. Svetlana only is perplexing, simply because it is employed by SED / Svetlana “Winged C” emblem tubes in the relaxation of the world.

Tube Sheet are created by Reflector Co. facility in Saratov, Russia, together with Mullard New Production, Tung-Sol New Production, Electro-Harmonix and Sovtek types.

SED / Svetlana “Winged C” symbol – St. Petersburg, Russia

These tubes are produced by Svetlana Tubes factory in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1 of the oldest tube factories in the entire world, and marketed with the manufacturer SED in the United States and Canada and Svetlana in the rest of the globe.

This assortment of tubes can be identified uniquely by the “Winged C” emblem. Svetlana only is confusing, since in the United States and Canada it is employed by Svetlana “S” emblem tubes.

Electro Harmonix – Russia

Electro Harmonix is a brand owned by New Sensor Corporation.

These tubes are developed by Reflector Co. manufacturing facility in Saratov, Russia, jointly with Mullard New Manufacturing, Tung-Sol New Manufacturing, Sovtek and Svetlana “S” emblem ones.

TubeDepot on its internet site states that:

These tubes are considered by numerous to be some of the best new generation tubes available.

Mullard New Production – Russia

These tubes are marketed by New Sensor Corporation.

They would seem to be trustworthy reproductions of the unique Mullard types, and are produced by Reflector Co. manufacturing unit in Saratov, Russia, jointly with Sovtek, Tung-Sol New Creation, Electro Harmonix and Svetlana “S” symbol types.

Tung-Sol New Manufacturing – Russia

These tubes are marketed by New Sensor Company.

They are produced by Reflector Co. manufacturing facility in Saratov, Russia, jointly with Electro Harmonix, Mullard New Generation, Sovtek and Svetlana “S” symbol ones.

SINO Chinese Tubes – China

No doubt that their more powerful point is price tag, like several other folks items created in China.

They are dispersed amid the others by TubeDepot that on its site states:

Sino Chinese tubes have observed large advancements over what was obtainable just a few several years ago. The EL34-B and KT88-ninety eight have gotten numerous favorable evaluations and the 5881 is the most reasonably priced 6L6 variety in our entire stock. Give these puppies a attempt, we feel you will be shocked.

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