Is It Okay To Be Skinny With Belly Fat?

Most people think that because they are skinny, it shouldn’t be possible to have belly fat. In fact, there are also more people who are skinny with belly fat. These people who have skinny posture, but with fat on the belly are called skinny-fat. This condition could appear as the result of several reasons, but first of all, they can’t be good. Health experts say that being skinny fat could mean that your body lacks nutrients, and you are not giving yourself a healthy lifestyle. So, what can you do to get rid of this skinny fat belly? Here are some tips.

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First or all, watch your daily intake, prevent unhealthy calories intake and make sure to give your body enough nutrients. Sounds very simple, but in fact is quite complicated to do. You need to change your grains into the gluten-free ones, eat more vegetables and lean animal protein from eggs, chickens, and fish. When you add protein into your meal, you will last longer before you feel hungry again. Added protein also helps to improve your metabolism, making you feel more energetic for the day.


Watch your calorie intake, because you are skinny, doesn’t mean that it is okay gulping down so many calories. Products like sweetened drinks and sodas contain so much sugar than your daily needs. Drinking more than one can per day could lead to high blood sugar and eventually the skinny fat belly. Besides sodas and sweetened drinks, alcohol also has high sugar content. Don’t drink more than 3-4 glasses of wine with a meal in a week.


Watch out for processed foods, they might be tasty but contain unhealthy fats and substances for your body. This kind of products to lose belly fat fast or food contains MSG to enhance the flavors which could cause more hunger and makes you eat more than your usual portion. You also need to add omega3 fat rich food into your diet, like salmon and sardines. Omega3 is a type of healthy fat which could improve your metabolism and promote a healthy heart.


Last but not least, don’t forget to workout. As long as you work out properly, there is no way you would be skinny with belly fat. Cardio training helps you to improve metabolism and strength training helps you to build muscles. Also don’t forget to provide yourself with enough rest to prevent excessive cravings for carbs and sugar. With enough training and resting, you would be much healthier and have a more ideal body shape.

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