Croatia Tours

You’d come across stunning natural beauty, history and adventure on your Croatia tour. Generally, Croatia tours are considered as the safest expedition because of very low crime rate of the beautiful country. Extensive yacht industry is the primary attraction for tourists.

On Croatia tours, travelers love to explore miles of beautiful coastline. The white sand of the beaches is well complimented by turquoise blue waters. The environment is best to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. Brela beach is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia. Six km long basic canyoning cetina has shed of pine trees here you can spend some restful moments in addition to enjoy wind surfing, sailing and scuba diving. Other beaches you can voyage through are Zlatni Rat Beach, Paradise Beach, Zrce Beach and Trstenica beach.

Croatia tours are incomplete without visiting its national parks. There are 8 national parks all over the country where abundance of flora and fauna will allow you to come closer to nature. There are number of cascading waterfalls spreading freshness in the environment. The wild leaf varies from the wild sheep, bear to the lynx. You’d also find 44 types of protected herbal species and around 380 species of animals.

Zagreb – the capital city is also the largest city in the country. Zagreb has vibrant night life, luxury shopping and sprawling sight seeing. There are numerous unexplored caves, forests and mountains. You can also explore through the history in museums of the city. The archaeological museum features 400,000 monuments and artifacts. Zagreb Mummy is one of the most famous attractions of the museum.

You can see world’s most important collection of Neanderthal at the Croatian Natural History Museum. Tools of prehistoric Krapina Man and stone weapons have been the point of attraction for travelers. You can also visit various cultural sites in the city. If you’re touring Zagreb during even-numbered year, you can revive your childhood at the world festival of Animated Films.

Are you a music lover? Yes! Then visit Zagreb during the celebrations of the oldest Croatian pop music festival, Zagrebfest. You’ll also enjoy traditional sports events in the festival. Besides historical sites and museums, Zagreb beaches give an excuse to the tourists to opt for Croatia tours.

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