Covidien Force Triad Medical Device Know-How



Medical technology is the medical branch that deals with the technical apparatus associated with the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and medical conditions. Most hospitals and private healthcare facilities have medical devices that consist of machinery and technical equipment to detect and monitor any abnormality in a patient’s medical condition. A biomedical equipment technician (BMET), for example from Soma Technology, is usually hired by the hospital to maintain the medical equipment of the medical facilities.


Medical devices can consist of the Covidien Force triad, laboratory instruments and devices to analyze urine, blood, facades or semen. Medical monitors can be used to predict a patient’s state of health by measuring parameters such as blood pressure, ECG, EFG as well as gases dissolved in the blood. Diagnostic equipment includes medical imaging machines, such as those used to help diagnose a condition. These devices include ultrasound, Covidien Force Triad, MRI and X-ray machines, and PET and CT scanners. The therapeutic device consists of infusion pumps, medical lasers, and LASIK surgical machines. Survival devices are used to maintain the bodily functions of the disease during a period of severe medical crisis. These will include devices such as the following ventilators, anesthesia machines, cardiopulmonary machines, ECMO and dialysis machines.


The field of medical devices is evolving rapidly and the limits of medical research are constantly widening to integrate increasingly sophisticated technologies. It shows the enormous scope of the development of better and improved machines to strengthen health care and medicine as a science. X-rays, electrocardiography, endoscopy, ultrasounds, CT scans and the artificial heart are inventions that have revolutionized medicine phenomenally.


The supplies of medical equipment are controlled by the medical logistics area. It includes the supply and distribution of drugs, surgical devices, drugs, medical equipment, and other equipment to doctors, nurses, technicians, and laboratory analysts.

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