4 Facts Of Wedding Villa And Marriage In Bali You Got To Know!


The idea of holding a wedding in a popular destination mostly comes with anticipation and excitement. It is especially true if you consider Bali as your place to tie your vow in a villa. Yes, you can get the exclusive wedding villa for your special day. But behind its anticipation, you will also need to see these quick four unique facts about the occasion.

Wedding Venue Survey Is A Given 

The first thing you got to underline is the fact that Bali is popular, it makes some villas and venues can get easily fully booked. This is the reason why some venues and villas allow potential customers to come to visit the area. It is not only to secure the deal but also to ensure the transaction has a positive deal.

This is a given and should be a great help for every potential renter. The couple who wants to rent the villa with its venue for a wedding can come long before the date. With the survey, they can plan, shop, and prepare for the perfect wedding. In one way or another, the idea itself gives the more ideal transaction option for both renter and the wedding villa owner.

Legal or ceremonial wedding options in Bali

Tourists can get married legally or only for the ceremony in Bali. It is not necessarily meaning you should legally say your vow. Some tourist tends to pick the ceremony only since the legal wedding is full of paperwork. In general, it is easier to do since couples only need to do all paperwork in their home country. And doing it in Indonesia might only increase the os

Legal Wedding In Bali Is A Unique Process

If you do want to get legally married in Bali, underline that the country only allows same religious couples. It means inter-religion marriage is taboo and not allowed in Indonesia. It can be tricky for same-sex couples or atheists, considering both situations will not have permission for legal marriage.

You Can Get Some Good Rate By Choosing Villa And Its Venue

A wedding villa can be your perfect option for the ceremony day. This is an ideal option if you want a place to hold the ceremony and get the accommodation in the same location. You can save a lot with less transportation budget or room. It is also given that some villas also offer nice wedding packages for couples.

Considering the very strict and religion-heavy Indonesia or Bali is, some of the wedding or marriage rules will be a bit different. It is especially true for foreigner, which has more freedom in marriage. In many cases, some best villas such as The Surga come with exclusive planning or offers that can help guests work around some local rules.

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